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I was born in 1965 in Munich, Germany, in the outskirts of which I still live to this date.  After graduation I started my professional career in the area of intellectual property.  However, writing was always my hobby, which I tried enhancing over the years.  The wish to publish my own novel grew stronger after completing a correspondence course in the topic of „writing“.

Eventually, it became clear that Gay Stories were not only one of my favorite to read, but I also felt like creating my own.  For my taste, most of the stories I read were not intense enough, so I tried changing this with my own books.  Considering the reaction of my readers, I seem to have done quite okay.

Since I used to live on the West Coast of the USA for some time, the experiences from said time period are also reflected in my protagonists.

After my first steps in self-publishing, I am very happy that since 2015 my (German) books have been republished by the publishing company  This has enabled me a professional revision of my work and created the basis for further publications. 

Now, 2016, I am extremely pleased that I have the pleasure in working with US publishing company, which will publish the English versions of my work.

My books are exclusively written in my spare time, since I am still working full-time in my “regular” job.  Thus, some time might pass until the next book is ready for publication.

To shorten the wait for my next book, I plan on publishing short stories or an unpublished chapter every now and then.  So it might be worth dropping by frequently.

I encourage you to send me any comments, suggestions, criticism – and of course praise – via my contact form. You are, of course, also welcome to write into my Guest Book.

If you love to read Gay Stories which are emotional, but also quite juicy, you might have found the right place.  If you’re curious now, I suggest you click on „Excerpts“.
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Andy D. Thomas

Image by Oscar Brunet - Exklusive licence Andy D. Thomas